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3 strong points of Shinko.Co.Ltd.,

3strong points of, 1.A large trading volume 2.We can even handle orders for single parts 3.We have a strong, trusted relationship with auctioneering companies within Japan

A large trading volume

Shinko has an extensive and effective purchasing network throughout Japan. Our company's strength is its high trading volume. We handle large volumes of stock in terms of manufacturer, year of manufacture, and application, which means that we can meet a wide range of customer needs?needs that not only cover vehicles but also vehicle parts.

We can even handle orders for single parts

You can request us to purchase an entire vehicle on your behalf or you can ask us to buy a single part for you. When customers make requests to us such as, "I only want the parts from that vehicle," or "I only want you to search for that kind of wheel for me," we can get the job done properly.

We have a strong, trusted relationship with auctioneering companies within Japan

Shinko has participated at various auctions in Japan for many years. Our relationship with the auctioneering companies that we have built up is one of our strengths. We can meet a wide variety of customer requests because we have the ability to source not only high-quality parts but also those from rare models.

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What is the quantity of products that you can ship?

At our company, we assume that you will want us to ship to you by the container load. Please order the parts that you require in container units. You can select the container size from 20-foot or 40-foot containers. Please specify the container size when you place your order.

Can I place orders and receive my parts simply by sending you the documents you require?

At our company, the customer doesn't have to physically come and collect the parts they have ordered. If you send us the documents, we can ship the parts to you*. Doing business with us in this way will bring you savings in terms of costs and labor. *If you think you would like to do business this way, please talk to us about the details first, because we cannot offer this service for certain models of vehicles or parts.

Is there any way to reduce the import taxes I have to pay when I bring used vehicles into the country?

Yes, in some cases. For example, if you drive a used vehicle under its own power onto the ship, then the tax to be paid on importation can be high; however, if the vehicle is imported inside a container, then the import tax may be lower. In addition, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience about importing vehicles into each country, so as your first step: contact us!

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Privacy Policy

Shinko Co., Inc. (the "Company") recognizes that the appropriate safeguarding of the private information of customers, business associates, employees, etc., as well as the private information that is contained in the end-of-life vehicles that we have accepted from our customers during the course of vehicle recycling activities, is the social responsibility of the Company.
In order to fulfill this social responsibility of properly safeguarding private information, the Company will formulate information protection policies, make sure that all employees thoroughly understand and continuously abide by and carry out these policies.